Katipo Project Survival Kit

Support Options

Katipo Technical Support

Katipo provides a prompt technical support response. Urgent calls answered immediately by a technical support representative during NZ working hours. For non-urgent calls, the library would specify a time-frame for the problem to be resolved and Katipo would work to that.

You can also change the relationship to further reduce costs by:

  • Utilising the free Koha support networks
  • Employing local support
  • Continue with Katipo on a time and materials basis

Free Support Networks

There is an extensive free support networks for Koha users and developers. These include mailing lists and an IRC server to allow developers and users to communicate directly.

The Koha mailing lists reflect the internationalisation and growth of the Koha community. There are specific lists for:

  • Koha developers
  • Koha users (general)
  • People using Koha on Windows machines
  • French users
  • Spanish users
  • German users

We also provide "chat rooms" on the Katipo IRC server for the Koha user & developer communities.


Koha Documentation Project:


The Koha Mailing Lists are a great place to get support. They are also available as web forums.