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Koha, the first open source integrated library system

Originated in New Zealand by Katipo Communications Ltd. and maintained by a team of volunteers from around the globe, the Koha system is a full catalogue, OPAC, circulation and acquisitions system .Koha is a full integrated library system - managing your catalogue, circulation, patrons, acquisitions and providing public access to your library via the internet.

We worked with Horowhenua Library Trust to write the first version of Koha, and then released the code under the GPL. We've been very pleased with the results. The latest version of Koha is a comprehensive system with a raft of exciting new features including

  • Serials module
  • Barcode printing
  • RSS Feeds

More Features

Koha is used by public libraries, private collectors, university faculties, not-for-profit organisations, churches, schools and corporations from around the world.

If it's so great - why is it open source?

Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications Ltd made a joint decision to release Koha as Free Open Source Software under the GPL in 1999 before we started the project. It was recommended to Horowhenua Library as a risk management strategy, to ensure that they could get support and development work done by suppliers other than Katipo, and because there wasn't already an open source system available. Since we released Koha other libraries have picked it up and paid Katipo and other developers to add features and improvements.

We looked at some of the issues for libraries in changing library systems, primarily the difficulty getting access to their catalogue data, acquisitions and patron records for transfer. We have sought to ameliorate those issues where possible. It is easy to get your data out of Koha should you need to change systems at a later date. It is possible for you to change Koha (even rewrite it) without breaking any agreements or license restrictions. You can make Koha better, or at least better for you, and need never be beholden to a particular vendor.

Koha is released under the GNU General Public License and is available to download.

If you would like a quote for installation and support there are people available throughout the world.

Find out more about koha at http://koha-community.org