Katipo Project Survival Kit

Who is it for?

If you have a community of people that can help you build and maintain a collection of digital materials (documents, photographs, movies), Kete is for you.



  • You have the technical infrastructure, the computer literate staff and connections with community organisations & individuals who hold the history and culture of your city in their hands and heads.
  • Who better to spearhead a digital library, to provide space for training, and a place for people to gather to work on their Kete - their stories, than the library.


  • Kete lets you get your holdings on-line and to gather more information about those holdings than is typically possible in traditional cataloguing software.
  • Holdings can become accesable to other museums and researchers around the world using Kete's built in, standards compliant sharing technology.

Historical Societies

  • Kete was built with Historical Societies and Community Groups in mind.
  • You can be as formal or informal as you need with Kete categories and fields.
  • You don't have to buy in to the mindset of traditional libraries and museums, you can develop your Kete organically with the resources and volunteers you have.

Iwi & Marae

  • Organise the photographs and other taonga that you've become kaitiaki to, giving your whanau access digitally wherever they are in the world, but keeping the objects themselves safe.

Schools & Training Institutions

  • Kete lets you provide space for your students to save documents, audio and video
  • Students can choose to share or keep their work private.
  • Students can enable their parents to see their great work.
  • The private/public functionality can be extended to provide a centralised record of student notes, and allow for easy alumni administration.

Private organisations and Institutions

  • If you need a digital library, but also want discussion about the documents it holds, Kete is for you.
  • Kete allows you gradually add new areas for discussion so that you can see what works for your organisation and build from there.