Katipo Project Survival Kit

Kete Site Administrator Training

Kete Site Administrator Training is for organisations and people who want to work effectively with the Kete Open Source Digital Archive Software.

This single day long course includes practise with the Kete software to perform every day tasks, including configuring a Kete site, adding, editing and removing Topics, Documents and other Media, using extended fields to shape content and many other advanced tasks.

The Kete Site Administrator is a day class (about 6 hours of class time with an hour lunch and breaks).
Here's an overview of what if covers:

  • A look setting at up a new site out of the box
  • What all users can do by default to start putting into our site; adding, editing, and relating material
  • Some of the many ways users can find things in Kete; searching, browsing, tagged as, related to, and contributed by
  • An introduction to RSS in Kete and how to track very specific areas of interest
  • How we can shape the content we collect with Extended Fields
  • There will be a detour to manage roles of users in Kete and then we’ll finish up our first go at using Extended Fields
  • Use topic types to get even more specific about shaping our content
  • How we can use baskets to organise content or manage rights to what’s within a basket, as well as how basket homepages can aid discoverability of content
  • Some scenarios for use of the different levels of moderation
  • Adding items in bulk, using the import functionality
  • How to protect sensitive information, using Privacy Controls
  • Where to get answers to questions and get the most out of the Kete community

How Do I Find Out More?

Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at Katipo Communications for information on course costs and bookings.

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