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Kete Services from Katipo

Katipo offers training for Kete administrators and technical staff to help you make the most of your kete.

Training will definitely help you get more out of Kete faster, even if you choose a hosted solution.


You may want to distinguish your site with its own look. Kete's Theme features allow you to quickly change the look of your Kete. You can use existing themes from Kete.net.nz or create your own.
Katipo can design a custom Kete theme based on your existing branding elements.
For a longer discussion see: Things to consider when planning a Kete installation

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Kete Services and Support From Katipo
Katipo offers

  • Project Planning & Consultation - what you need to know and do to get your Kete project off the ground.
  • Hardware and Hosting - either hosting on your own hardware or shared on ours.
  • Installation & Setup - working through the types of items you're going to input, and the fields you need to have.
  • Data Migration - we've got good experience migrating from PastPerfect, and can work with other systems too.
  • Customisation & Integration - for Kete to meet the needs of your particular community some customisation may be recommended.
  • Training - different levels to meet you needs, from system administrators and technical staff, to cataloguers (both professional and volunteers).
    • Refresher workshops will keep Kete enthusiasts going after the inital upload has happened, and user group meetings and online community tools will enable Kete administrators and project owners to share knowledge and support each other. Click here for more information.
  • Support - hardware, backups, software, helpdesk and even "temps" so that regular Kete jobs can be performed while your staff or volunteers are away.
  • Project Management

With a little help from us getting setup, and some training, all you need to get your own Kete humming is to crank up your imagination

If you'd like a quote, contact us using our contact form.