Katipo Project Survival Kit

How to get Kete?

Katipo offers the option of shared hosting for your Kete install.

Shared Hosting

Our Kete shared hosting packages start at $50/month. With this package you get a site with 5 GB disk space and 500 Mb RAM. You'll also get security updates for the hosting environment and ruby.

You can increase the amount of support and services you receive depending on your budget. Additional support can include:

  • 7 days backup
  • bugfixes for your version of Kete
  • more RAM
  • more disk space
  • website statistics

You can also telehouse your own equipment with Katipo and have us manage it for you or have a dedicated server.

Each of these options has one-time setup charge which varies depending on plan.

Do It Yourself

Use the Installation Guide and Configuration Assistant to set up Kete on your own hardware.

It's handy to have some background with Linux or other Unix-like operating systems, but not absolutely required. If you get stuck, you can ask for help at http://kete.net.nz/ or contract a vendor, such as Katipo.

See the Technical Requirements for more information.