Katipo Project Survival Kit

A Kete Site's Structure

Content is organised by high level subject areas. Each subject area can be thought of as a 'basket,' holding topics, discussion, documents, images, audio, video, and links.

A basket can be heavy on topic discussion, heavy on content storage, or anywhere in between.

A Kete site's baskets are holding spaces for topics and/or content of interest to your community:


Topics in Kete are descriptions and discussion of matters relevant to the community. Once a Topic is created, it can be developed via:

  • Group editing
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Discussion or comments
  • Links to relevant web resources
  • Moderation and flagging

These are only the basics; many additional operations can be performed. All file types (document, image, audio, video, link) can be created independently of a topic; topics can be moved between baskets, and file types shared among baskets; basket statistics can be viewed, and so on.

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