Katipo Project Survival Kit


Kete is Open Source Digital Library and Archiving software developed by Katipo Communications and the Horowhenua Library Trust.

Kete enables communities to collaboratively build their own digital libraries, archives and repositories. Your community builds the repository by writing topics, uploading images, audio, video and documents and then linking and discussing them.

Community Contributed Content

  • Community contributed content can be anything from from MS Office documents, PDFs, images, video & audio files, web links, HTML pages and text files.
  • If it can be uploaded or downloaded, it can be categorised and discussed by your community using Kete.

Built in discussion functionality

  • Kete lets your community add comments and feedback to items and categories
  • Kete builds
    • community contribution
    • collaboration and
    • social networking.

Natural Language tags and content links

  • Kete allows your contributors to add items and encourages them to create links to similar content items & categories.
  • Kete lets people describe their material in their own words using natural language tags. They aren't limited by 'approved' subject headings.
  • Content links and natural descriptions make it easier for your users to browse or search your collection and find things of interest to them.

User Access Control and Workflow

  • Kete has a sophisticated system of user access controls, allowing you to restrict access to categories
  • Categories can be made read-only or completely private as required.
  • You can also provide public access to certain input areas.
  • Users can be given editorial access to their own content, and can also set their own permissions, determining who else can edit their content.
  • Workflow options and content approval are built in to Kete. You can customise these to meet your requirements.

Decentralised Content Management

  • Kete can decentralise content management and data entry allowing you to turn over control to your community and allowing them to upload what's relevant to them.


  • Kete is developed using Ruby on Rails, utilizes Zebra z39.50 full text indexing engine developed by IndexData, is fully compatible with the Koha ILS.
  • Kete is released under a GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • Initial development was undertaken as a partnership between the Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications Ltd. funded as part of the Community Partnership Fund in 2006.