Katipo Project Survival Kit

Technical Details

We developed the Kea content management system to address the problems associated with modern content mangement systems, and to scale up the job of web site development to the task of building sites of high quality



Kea Overview

Kea sits on a server separate to your public website. Only one login name and password is required between the Kea server and the live server, helping to keep the live server secure. Kea prefers to use a secure protocol (SSH) to 'talk' to the live server, but where this is not possible it can use FTP. Because Kea is publishing standards compliant HTML, your live server doesn't need to be anything special. We have Kea interacting with Solaris, Linux and NT servers although our preference is for a Unix environment.

All interaction with Kea is via a web-browser. This makes it very easy to roll-out, as no additional software is required other than a fairly modern (standards compliant) browser.

The Kea server manages users and their levels of access to the system. The system has two levels of users, with "junior" users able to make changes, but not publish (or trigger) them to the live site. The "senior" user/s are notified of changes, and can then go in and check the information either for accuracy, style or "code worthiness" before approving it.




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