Katipo Project Survival Kit

Staff Interface

The Staff Interface gives staff the ability to register their availability and confirm or decline their attendance for an event. Once logged in, staff members will be able to:

My Dashboard - Upcoming Events

The dashboard is the page that is linked to in the emails sent to staff members.

The page shows details of all future events for the staff member:

  • Event name

  • Description

  • Location

  • Role

  • Report hour

  • End hour

  • Start day

The staff member may accept or decline an event to which he or she has been assigned from this page. On accepting an event the system will generate a confirmation email.

My Information

From the My Information page a staff member will be able to view and/or edit the following:

  • User name

    • Non-editable

  • Password

  • Full Name

  • Work Phone

  • Home Phone

  • Cellphone

  • Address

  • Email address

    • If the email address is blank, the system will flag the staff member as requiring to be contacted manually.

  • Staff Roles

    • Non-editable

My Availability

This calendar interface allows staff to mark when they are available for work. The interface features a week view with 24 hours for each date.

All time slots default to Unavailable. Staff members mark when they are available.

A comment may be entered for in a timeslot which can be read by an administrator.

Staff may choose to let the system send an email to the administrator when changes are made.

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