Katipo Project Survival Kit

Administrator Reports

Administrators have the ability to generate the following reports:

  • Staff list

    • A list of staff member names, phone numbers and addresses

      • Name, Work Phone, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Email, Address

      • Able to be exported to Excel

  • Staff work history

    • This report shows the historical details of a particular staff member

      • Staff name

      • No Shows

        • Total No Shows

      • Rejected Events

        • Rejected by Employee

        • Rejected by Administrator

        • Rejected by system for taking too long to reply

  • Staff Available For Event/Shift Time

    • This report generates who is available for a certain time - showing contact details and roles. Use this report to help with manual rostering.

  • Events/Shifts/Staff for a given time period

    • This report generates who is assigned to what jobs on a given time period.