Katipo Project Survival Kit

Administration - Events/Shifts

This section provides administrators with the ability to:

  • Add, modify, delete and review the details of an event or shift

  • Handle staff rostering, including:

    • Seeing a list of staff available for an event or shift

    • Allocate available staff to an event or shift and mark them as unavailable for other events

    • Generate an up-to-date roster which can be sent to selected staff via email or manually.

1. Add Event/Shift

From the venue management screen an administrator:

  • Selects the venue

  • Adds in the event/shift details for:

    • Event/Shift name

    • Description

    • Venue

    • Start Date

    • Reporting time

    • End time

The system then displays all events/shifts at this venue in this timeslot to enable checks for duplication.

2. Initial rostered staff list

Once an event or shift has been added:

  • The administrator enters the number of staff required for each role

  • The system displays the total number of staff available for each role

  • The system randomly draws and displays a list of available staff to fill each role.

If there are insufficient available staff for a particular role, the system warns the administrator and continues to check for available staff once every day on an ongoing basis.

If close to the event/shift date, the system administrator must manually assign staff. See below.

3. Generate Unconfirmed Roster List

From the randomly drawn list of staff for each role, the administrator can reject staff members for the event or shift.

In the event of a staff member being rejected:

  • the system redraws the rostered list showing a new randomly drawn staff member to replace the rejected staff member

  • places the rejected staff member on a list of "declined" staff.

The administrator can choose to reinstate a staff member for selection for the event roster by removing the staff member from the declined list. This puts the staff member into the general pool of staff available to be selected for the role and event/shift.

4. Manually Add Staff

Manually adding staff to an event or shift involves:

  • Selecting the event

  • Searching for the staff member

  • Assigning the event to the staff member.

The system will check if the staff member is available for the available event or shift. If the staff member is available, the system will add the staff member to the randomly drawn list of available staff.

If the staff member is unavailable the system will warn the administrator of the unavailability and reason. The administrator may choose to over-ride the warning and add the staff member to the list of available staff members.

This process may be used to re-roster a staff member who has accidentally declined an event or shift.

5. Contact Staff

Once the unconfirmed roster list has been generated, the administrator can choose to assign a staff member as having accepted the role. The staff member is then on the confirmed list.

Once the administrator has confirmed the roster and the event is more than outside the cut-off period, the system will send each unconfirmed staff member an email.

The email will include a date and time a response is required by.

The administrator may also choose to email staff associated with the event/shift from the system.

The system will record details of all emails sent to staff:

  • recipient email address

  • time sent

  • subject.

6. Staff Response

Once the system has emailed each unconfirmed staff member, they have a set period to login and register their acceptance or rejection of the posting. The period is calculated from the time the email is sent. This will also give a time of day a response is required by.

If they accept the posting, the system moves them to the confirmed list and they are sent a confirmation email.

If the posting is rejected or not accepted within the required time, the system moves them to the declined list.

7. Add Staff Numbers to Existing Event or Shift

An administrator can increase the number of staff needed after the event or shift has been initially created.

With an increase in staff, as the system contacts the next available staff member until the new staff number requirements have been fulfilled.

The administrator selects the event and adds to the staff required.

8. Remove staff from an Existing Event or Shift

If the staff numbers are decreased, the administrator reduces the number of required staff.

The administrator can then email any staff de-rostered and/or cancelled in this process from the system.

The system still waits until the cut-off period starts and emails the staff who have not replied. This allows for the normal process of staff notifications and them accepting or declining.

9. Edit Event/Shift Name or Times

If the event name is changed, the system will email confirmed and unconfirmed staff associated with the event to notify them of the change.

If it is required to change the time of an event within a day the system will check the availability of associated staff for the new time.

  • if the staff are available for the new time, the system will generate an email notifying them of the changed time

    • this information will be displayed on the staff member's information

  • if the staff aren't available for the new time, the system will generate a warning to the administrator for each staff member

    • the administrator may choose to over-ride the system generated warning of unavailability and assign the staff member to the event

10. Event or Shift Bulk Roster Confirm

From a view all unconfirmed events the administrator chooses which events to confirm. Once they have been confirmed, notification emails are sent to all rostered staff with an appropriate response deadline. For staff who aren't available to be contacted by email, the system will generate PDFs for printing.

11. Post Event or Post Shift

Once an event has finished an administrator will be able to view the staff rostered to the event and mark which staff have not turned up to work at the event (no show).

In the event of a no show, this information will be recorded in the staff member's work history.

The administrator will be able to deleted a past event one month after it has finished. Note, the event will not be actually deleted from the system - it will be hidden from view.

12. Cancel Event or Shift

If an event is cancelled an email is sent to all unconfirmed and confirmed staff informing them of the cancellation. The staff are then available to be rostered for other events.

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