Katipo Project Survival Kit

Information Architecture

The information architecture of a website determines more than just navigation, sections, headings.  We recognise the value of a good "user experience", of finding data quickly and building information networks for your staff, members and visitors alike.

Katipo can help identify the specific needs of your user base and marry your website structure, data systems and functionality to their requirements. Our philosophy is that once the features and content are decided, the designer can then make a design which works in with the features and content, rather than trying to make the website features fit the design.

Card Storming

To help our clients organise their data, Katipo use Card-Storming, a cross between brainstorming and card sorting.  Card storming involves you, the subject matter experts, arriving at a suitable site architecture with the help of your Katipo project manager, armed with marker pens and post-it notes.  The site structure, features and functionality are refined over the course of a few meetings with your team and a few representative users if they're available.