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Kete is open source software, originally developed by Katipo Communications for Horowhenua Library Trust, that you can use to create online areas for collaboration for your community. Write topics and upload images, audio, video, documents. Discuss them all. Link them together.

It's been called a "relational wiki" and "a mashup between content management and knowledge management". It's a fun way to get things done.

Orlando Memory

Orlando MemoryOrlando Memory is a knowledge basket that contains the social and economic history of central Florida.

It is a mosaic of collections that evolves from local heritage and traditions.

The contents of the baskets are collected and catalogued by the local community.

Katipo updated the Kete installation to enable the project to uses Kete's latest features.




KeteKete.net.nz is the home of the Kete software community; for those that are using Kete, thinking about using it, or just interested in knowing more.

Katipo manages the hosting of Kete.net.nz, configures the Kete software to suit the site, contributes large amounts of content and documentation, answers technical questions, and adds features to the Kete software that are used on Kete.net.nz. Katipo has also provided extensive guidance and participation in Kete's open source software community.



Archives Central

Archives CentralThe Archives Central is a joint website archival project between most of the local authorities in the Horizons region - Wanganui District Council, Rangitikei District Council, Manawatu District Council. Palmerston North City Council, Tararua District Council, Horowhenua District Council and Horizons Regional Council.

Katipo has been involved almost from the inception of an online prescence for the project. We advised on delivery of the technical requirements, developed extensions for Kete to meet the requirements and customised the look and feel of the site.



Chinese Digital Community

Chinese Digital CommunityThe Chinese Digital Community is a joint website project between the New Zealand Chinese Association Auckland Inc. (NZCA) and Auckland City Libraries.
Kete allows content to be added by the public. The site has been developed as an evolving online portal and storage facility to preserve the heritage of the Chinese living in New Zealand.

It is for anyone who's interested in sharing information - stories, experiences, photos, old or new documents, videos, audios etc - about what it means to be Chinese.

Katipo did extension development for the Chinese Digital Community that makes up the majority of features in the Kete 1.2 release and a large portion of the functionality in Kete 1.3. Katipo consulted for Auckland City Libraries and McGovern Online on the business requirements and site configuration as well as provided site administrator and end user training. Katipo also hosts the site.



Horowhenua Kete

Kete HorowhenuaKete Horowhenua is a community built digital library of arts, cultural and heritage resources for and about Horowhenua, New Zealand. Horowhenua Library Trust are responsible for the creation and ongoing development of the site.

Kete Horowhenua aims to get privately owned papers and photographs out from under beds and sitting alongside public archive and photograph collections.

Katipo did all programming of the Kete software for Kete Horowhenua as well as technical development of bulk import facilities to draw material from over 11,000 existing digitized records. Katipo designed and created a Kete website theme from existing Horowhenua Library Trust branding elements. Katipo also manages the hosting of Kete Horowhenua, configures the Kete software to suit the site, and adds features to the Kete software for it.



He Kete Kōrero

He Kete KoreroTe Pūtē Routiriata o Taranaki - Kete Taranaki Reo is a community digital archive of Taranaki Whanui, and archival work it undertakes. This initiative is one of four areas identified in the Taranaki Māori Language Strategy 2005-2015, as critical to revitalising Taranaki Reo, the Taranaki regional dialect of Māori Language.

Katipo has programmed extensions to the features of the Kete software for He Kete Kōrero. Katipo designed and created a Kete website theme from existing branding elements as well as bulk importing the 1,900 records from an existing database. Katipo has delivered a number of training sessions to the site's administrators and end users. Katipo also provides hosting of the site, configures the Kete software to suit it, and continues to develop features to the Kete software for it.



The Cuba Street Memories Project

The Cuba Street Memories ProjectThe Cuba Street Memories Project is the Wellington City Libraries' first collaborative history project. It builds a history of Cuba Street online - sharing memories and pictures of Cuba Street. The site is maintained and moderated by Library staff.

Katipo has provided site administrator training, consultation, and hosting to the Cuba Street Memories Project.



Kete Pukekura Park

Pukekura ParkThe Pukekura Park Portal Project combines maps of Pukekura Park and the on-line library of resources relating to the botanic gardens, the wildlife, and the people who have worked for the Park.

Katipo developed the embedded metadata harvesting from JPEG, PDF, and other binary files Kete feature for Kete Pukekura Park. Katipo also provided site administrator training, consultation, and hosting.



Aotearoa's Peoples Network Kaharoa - Kete sites for member libraries

Aotearoa Peoples NetworkKete now available to APNK Libraries.

A significant planned part of the rollout of the Aotearoa People Kaharoa's Network has been to provide the ability to digitally gather the stories of the community.

Katipo built the ability for users to choose a Creative Commons license for their uploaded work and to serve a Kete as an OAI PMH repository for APNK. Katipo has delivered training for site's administrators and APNK technical staff. Katipo has also created themes for a number of APNK hosted Kete sites.


Baptist Life NZ

Baptist LiveBaptist Life NZ is a knowledge basket of topics, images, audio, video, web links, documents, and discussion which are collected and catalogued by the community to tell the story of Baptists in New Zealand.

Katipo has provided site administrator training and consultation to Baptist Life NZ.



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