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The web has become an essential business tool. Most web savvy customers expect access to information on your company, staff or products day and night via their computer or mobile phone.  Katipo can help you plan a new website, manage your online data or improve the visitor experience your website provides.

Our aim is to design, build and host websites using evolving technologies that will meet your future requirements, while sticking to your current budget.

Burt Munro Challenge

Burt Munro Challenge


Following the success of the 2005 movie about Burt Munro's inspirational life - "The World's Fastest Indian", the Southland Motorcycle Club created the Burt Munro Challenge to honour Burt, his ingenuity, determination, and love of speed and motorcycles.

The inaugural event was held in 2006, and it has since forged a name for itself as one of New Zealand's major motorsport events. It has a strong local & national following, and rapidly growing international interest. It attracts top New Zealand riders as well as all the weekend warriors, all provided with a variety of exciting events, fantastic entertainment, and famous southern hospitality.

Katipo redesigned the website and developed a module for the Joomla CMS to streamline race administration.



BiofeedA small commercial site, Biofeed is an organic fertiliser product. This website was built to support their retailing efforts in New Zealand and overseas. Particular attention has been paid to supporting their brand. They use Kea to maintain the content, ensuring they don't accidentally "creep" the look and feel, and allowing them to update it from Winton, in the South Island hinterland on the end of a standard rural phoneline.



Native T-shirts


New Zealand contemporary designer T-shirts. The Native range of quality t-shirts, designed and made in New Zealand, borrows from the natural designs of New Zealand's outdoors.

The site uses an dynamic ordering form, using JavaScript and Perl, allowing customers to select the T-shirt that fits best.