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Tutorial 8 - Extended HTML Characters

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Tutorial 8 - Extended HTML Characters
Extended HTML Characters
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The  Kea Editor has a button for inserting special characters.

Most of these characters (including macronised vowels) may be inserted using this  function.

Alternatively you can copy the character from the left hand column into the editing window.

Macronised Letters
Character Decimal Code Kea Editor Code Description
Ā Ā A~ Macronised A
ā ā a~ Macronised a
Ē Ē E~ Macronised E
ē ē e~ Macronised e
Ī Ī I~ Macronised I
ī ī i~ Macronised i
Ō Ō O~ Macronised O
ō ō o~ Macronised o
Ū Ū U~ Macronised U
ū ū u~ Macronised u


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