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Tutorial 7 - Auto Nav

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Tutorial 7 - Auto Nav
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The automatic navigation lists the pages in a folder and the index pages of any sub-folders.

It uses the "Page Title" you enter when you make a new page or tick the checkbox next to a file and click on the "Edit Info" button.

The navigation system makes 2 versions of the left hand links. One is used on the editing site and the other is used on the live site. This means that you can add pages to the editing site and see how they look in the navigation without worrying what is happening with the navigation on the live site. Kea automatically updates the navigation on the live site when you trigger a new or changed page live.

By default, the links appear in alphabetical order. This can be changed to suite each section.

Auto Nav Settings

On the "Edit info" screen for a page you will notice an area in the grey box at the bottom of the page headed "Auto Nav Settings". This section gives 3 options to control how the page appears in the navigation - display in navigation, short name and priority.

Display in navigation

The first option is to let you hide a page from the navigation. By default, the option is set to "yes" to include the page. If you don't want the page to be linked in from the left hand side, select "no". An example where you might use this is if you have a page you only want to be linked from the main text area of a particular page in the folder (or from the "Related Links" box).

Short Name

This option lets you have an alternate name to the page title in the navigation. By default the system uses the page title but if you had a page with a particularly long title, you may find it looks better to have a shortened title in the navigation.


Say you have a page which needs the title "Government Policy Towards Third Party Contractors in Areas of Potential Conflict of Interest". This would go over half a dozen lines in the navigation, so you may decide that for navigation purposes you would enter "Third Party Contractors" in the Short Name field


This option lets you change the order the links appear in the navigation. By default, the system lists the pages in alphabetical order. You can change this by changing the priority ranking for the page from the default 5. The lower the number you give, the higher it will appear in the priority listing and the closer to the top of the page


Say the default navigation listed the links like

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Delta
  • Epsilon
  • Gamma

and you wanted them to follow the Greek alphabet you would give each page the following rankings:

  • Alpha    1
  • Beta    2
  • Delta    3
  • Gamma    4
  • Epsilon    5

You can do this for a whole folder at a time from the options described below.

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