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Tutorial 5 - Managing Files

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Tutorial 5 - Managing Files
Deleting a Page
Copying and Renaming Files
Using Go To in File Manager
Viewing the File History
Editing Page Info
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Instructions for making a new pages, deleting pages, copying pages, and page revisions.

Making a New Page

  1. In the File Manager navigate to the folder in which the New Page is going to be made

  2. Type the name of the new page, using the file extension .html in the Create new file box (type over the words "New File Name". In the example below, I have used the file name "new-product.html". Your file name must only contain letters or numbers,(- or _ between words), no spaces allowed.

    New file name
  3. Click the "new" button to the right of the file name you have just typed.
  4. The page info screen is displayed.
  5. First, select a template.

    Choose a template

  6. The templates available will vary according to the individual website design.
  7. The News templates are used by the News scripts and are not for general use.

Other Fields in the Creating New Page Screen

  1. Page Title – Fill in the Title that will actually show up on the page and in the breadcrumbs. Not too long
  2. Scroll down to the Search Information section and fill in the Keywords and Description fields. These are used by Search engines to index the pages.
  3. Page Maintenance section – fill in the page owner and content owner fields. Set a review interval if you are using Page Reviews.
  4. Fill in the email address of anyone you want to be notified when the page is updated (or leave it blank).
  5. Other fields can be left blank.
  6. Click Save to make the page and return you to the File Manager screen.

You can now open your page for editing.

You will need to add your new page to the navigation if your site does not use the autonav system.

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