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Tutorial 2 - Editing Text

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Tutorial 2 - Editing Text
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When you type a page in a word processing programme, what you see is what you get. All line spacing, character sizing and layout is set by the document. The document will (generally speaking) appear the same on screen as it does in print.

Web page text is a little different. What you are actually viewing is the page as interpreted by your web browser and computer system. Different browser settings, screen sizes and operating systems can all have an effect on the final look of your page.

Below the same page is shown in 3 different renderings.

Page as shown in narrow view

Page shown in wide (full screen) view

Narrow view

Wide View

Page shown at different screen resolution and wide (full screen view

Full screen view

A page will even appear slightly differently depending on whether or not the browser window is maximised. Web text will generally try to fit into the space available. If you resize your browser window you will see this effect in action, as the lines of text change depending on how much screen "real estate" is available.

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