Katipo Project Survival Kit

Tutorial 1 - Understanding Kea

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Tutorial 1 - Understanding Kea
The File Manager And Edit Content
Logging into Kea
The File Manager Screen
File Status
Navigating in File Manager
User Privileges
All Pages

When using Kea, you will have two versions of your website.

  • The Live Site : This is the site the Public see and interact with.
  • The Edit Site : This is where you make changes and preview them before sending them live. Changes made on the edit site only appear on the live site when they have been triggered or approved.

The Edit site has two "modes". If you go to edit site address (yoursite-edit.katipo.co.nz), you'll be able to browse the preview of your site just like it will appear when it goes live.

Going to yoursite-edit.katipo.co.nz/kaka gets you behind the scenes and into the file manager and kea.

Communication between the edit and live site is all one way. When a page is triggered live, it will overwrite the old page on the live site. It's very important that if you use Kea you use it for all your files, because Kea will be confused by changes on the live site made by another method (e.g FTP).

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