Katipo Project Survival Kit


This section contains Kea Tutorials covering most aspects of using the Kea Content Management System.

Introduction to Kea

To get started with Kea, you need basic computer skills. It is assumed that you are confident with using Windows, browsing the internet and using a word processing program.


Read more: Introduction to Kea


Tutorial 1 - Understanding Kea

When using Kea, you will have two versions of your website.

Read more: Tutorial 1 - Understanding Kea


Tutorial 2 - Editing Text

When you type a page in a word processing programme, what you see is what you get. All line spacing, character sizing and layout is set by the document. The document will (generally speaking) appear the same on screen as it does in print.

Read more: Tutorial 2 - Editing Text


Tutorial 3 - Images

Kea Images will take any image in a common image format and convert it for use on the internet for you.

Read more: Tutorial 3 - Images


Tutorial 4 - Links

You can insert links into the Kea Content. Here's how.

Read more: Tutorial 4 - Links


Tutorial 5 - Managing Files

Instructions for making a new pages, deleting pages, copying pages, and page revisions.

Read more: Tutorial 5 - Managing Files


Tutorial 6 - Tables

Using tables in Kea can be tricky, but it can also make edit and laying out your web pages much easier.

The table editor works slightly differently depending on which browser you use. Firefox provides more functionality than other browsers, so we recommend it.

Read more: Tutorial 6 - Tables


Tutorial 7 - Auto Nav

The automatic navigation lists the pages in a folder and the index pages of any sub-folders.

It uses the "Page Title" you enter when you make a new page or tick the checkbox next to a file and click on the "Edit Info" button.

Read more: Tutorial 7 - Auto Nav


Tutorial 8 - Extended HTML Characters

The  Kea Editor has a button for inserting special characters.

Most of these characters (including macronised vowels) may be inserted using this  function.

Read more: Tutorial 8 - Extended HTML Characters


Tutorial 9 - Uploading a pdf file

Uploading a pdf file in Kea is demonstrated in this (Flash)  tutorial. The tutorial uses the old style of kea File Manager, but the methods are the same in the new version.

Read more: Tutorial 9 - Uploading a pdf file

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