Katipo Project Survival Kit

Koha 3.2.1 Released

21 November 2010

Koha 3.2.1 is a  bugfix/maintenance release



Some of the higher profile bugs addressed in this release are:

  • Further fixes smoothing the upgrade process from 3.0.x to 3.2.x.
  • Subject links in search results are now properly formed.
  • Advanced notice preferences set during new patron creation are now saved correctly.
  • Img tags in XSLT templates are now handled correctly during automatic translation.
  • The "Show More" link listed with facets has been made to work.
  • Amazon book covers will now work with ISBN13.
  • The staff client XSLT templates are now unique.
  • The Unimarc XSLT templates are now translated in English.

Other notable fixes in this release include:

  • A number of spelling corrections
  • Various fixes to formerly non-translatable phrases
  • Some tweaks to fix display problems in Internet Explorer

This release also contains a variety of minor enhancements improving Koha's interface.

Maintenance activities performed in this release include:

  • A number of new and improved test cases
  • Removal of unused dependencies

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