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Les Trophees Du Libre (Free Software Trophies)

Koha a winner in France

26 May 2003

Les Trophees Du Libre (Free Software Trophies), were awarded over the weekend, and our Koha Library System took out the Applications for Public Agencies award.

Paul Poulain the Koha 2.0 release manager travelled up to Soissons for the awards ceremony, and was delighted to receive the award on behalf of the Koha Community.

"Koha really seems to be taking off at the moment, with a new beta of 2.0 out last week, and lots of interest from libraries at home and abroad, things are very positive right now" says Rachel Hamilton-Williams.

Katipo has been working on a new default template for Koha 2.0, if you'd like a sneak peak, then check out the Koha Gallery.

Posted by: Rachel