Katipo Project Survival Kit

About Katipo

Katipo Communications is based in Wellington, New Zealand, and is an established independent web development firm. Rachel Hamilton-Williams started the company in September 1996, and by January 1997 had hired her first staff member. Since then Katipo has continued to grow both in numbers and skills, servicing clients throughout New Zealand, and the world.

Katipo has a unique working style, being open, friendly, professional, and always keen to share their knowledge. "We like to become a part of the client's team, or have them become part of ours, so that we all get the most out of the process." says Rachel.

"When I started Katipo, the Internet was a new and foreign concept. Before we could make a website we often had to get a client's computer attached to the Internet, sometimes even buy the computer", Rachel explains. Katipo has retained its dedication to solving problems and providing as much service as you need to get the job done.

Katipo works with clients over an extended period of time. Our Business Development Manager explains "We really enjoy getting to know you and all about your business, so that we can provide the most appropriate advice and service".

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